Ik ben FABRIEK – Mirela Dragan

I’m Mirela Drăgan. I came from Romania in january 2015 and now Helmond is my second home.
I am working for few years in Logistics – more or less the “I know everything” person there :).

I have never been a fan of gym’s where you have no guidance (if I would be that motivated I would make it at home as well). I used to go to aerobics in my country for a while and that was something that I liked it.
A friend of mine is “addicted” with Crossfit and few other sports and one day I saw a box…I never thought that I would be able to anything from  what I have seen there. He said that I should give it a try and take a “proefles”..and I did! And I fell in love (even though sometimes is painfull).

In this 2 years being part of the Fabriek team I became stronger and now I am able to do way more than I could when I started.
1 Of my reasons to start this was also to lose weight. On this I am still working because my biggest enemy and love in same time is chocolate and this is sabotaging the progress but i am not losing the hope.

“Never say never!”